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NYFAF Virtual Edition: Memory & Resilience

Virtual Edition Friday, May 17, 2024, on Zoom

May 10-17: Free screening of two films

May 17, 2024: Zoom Discussion with invited guests from 12:00 to 2:00 pm

Registration is available on the LPAC website (link)

The House Is On Fire.JPG

The House Is On Fire, Might As Well Get Warm

Mouloud Ouyahia, France, 2023, 43 min

With a ticket to Paris in hand, Yanis is ready to leave Algeria behind. But a village friend unexpectedly dies and at his funeral, he crosses paths with Hamid. His final day in the rustic Algerian countryside turns into a dialogue on the hard facts of life.



Ali Berkennou, Algeria, 2023, 93 min

In the early 20th century, little Fouroulou begins navigating the narrow streets and cultural mores of his village in High Kabylie. Encouraged by his father, Fouroulou attends the colonial French school, becoming passionate about his studies. When he passes the primary certificate exam and earns a scholarship for Middle School, his life takes on a new direction. Based on the famous novel by Algerian Amazigh writer Mouloud Feraoun, The Poor Man’s Son.

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