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9th annual Edition: Memory & Resilience

Thursday, April 18, 2024, at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) 

Friday, April 19, 2024, at Columbia


Little Theater 31-10 Thomson Avenue E/M Building

Queens, NY 11101

(718) 482-5151


Closest trains: 7 at 33rd Street and G, E, F at Court Square. Click here for more info.

Paid parking is available in nearby paid lots.

Please use the entrance on Van Dam Street at the intersection of 47th Avenue. Before entering the theater, please present ID.

April 18, 2024, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center


10:30-12:30: Short Film Competition


Zineb Wakrim, Morocco, 2023, 14 min

Moon follows the journey of two moon children, Hasna and Samad, who discover solace and illumination through art and painting amidst darkness. Awarded third prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.



Soukayna Essaidi, Morocco, 2023, 3 min

Offering a new angle on the ancient Roman/Amazigh city of Volubilis, this short film traces its history and captures its ruins as a vibrant city rather than a UNESCO-recognized tourist site.



Riadh Larbi, Algeria, 2023, 9 min

A young Kabyle man stumbles upon a bag washed ashore, revealing a cryptic letter and a tantalizing clue. As the weight of responsibility settles on his shoulders, he resolves to embrace this sudden quest, undeterred by the hurdles that lie ahead.

Bloody Memories 

Mourad Bouamrane, Algeria, 2024, 37 min

This historical drama depicts the harrowing experiences of Kabyle mountain dwellers during the Algerian Revolution. Ahmed, a shepherd enlisted in the Liberation Army, confronts a fateful and violent night.


The Song of Sin

Khalid Maddour, Morocco, 2022, 14 min

Two poets and musicians from the Rif plateau, heirs of an ancestral art, play out much more than a love story. An entire history of people.



2:00-4:00: Films and Q&A with Guest Speaker Izza Genini


Vibrations in High Atlas

Izza Genini, France/Morocco, 1993, 27 min

In the High Atlas, the journey to Ait Bouguemez valley strips away modernity, immersing man in nature. Water and music are central, shaping life's rituals. Women's songs echo through polyphonies, ululations, and refrains, accompanying every endeavor, embodying the ancient cosmos.


Nuptials in Middle Atlas

Izza Genini, France/Morocco, 1993, 24 min

In the Middle Atlas, gather under the guidance of “Maestro” Moha u Hoceine to honor the legendary union of Asli and Taslit, an Amazigh boy and girl who embody the symbolic powers of sky and land, in a mythical wedding celebration.


4:30-5:30: Algerian Chaoui Dance Workshop

Artist Esra Warda leads participants in a traditional dance originating from the Aures mountains, which symbolizes the Chaoui reverence for nature and agriculture. Free to all. RSVP.


6:00-8:00: Feature screening and Q&A


No Harm Done

Merzak Allouache, Algeria, 2023, 101 min

A murder mystery by a great Algerian director. Juggling her theater career and caring for her quadriplegic son Rachid, Ouardya confronts life's challenges head-on. Amidst her hectic routine, she remains undeterred. However, her world is shaken when her colleagues are inexplicably murdered one by one.

Q&A with Habiba Boumlik, Yahya Laayouni, and Soubeika Wafa Bahri

Friday, April 19, 2024, at Columbia University 


Columbia University, Middle East Institute 612 Schermerhorn Hall

1190 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027. 

Q & A with Guest Speaker Izza Genini and Madeleine Dobie


The Song of Sin

Khalid Maddour, Morocco, 2022, 14 min

Two poets and musicians from the Rif plateau, heirs of an ancestral art, play out much more than a love story. An entire history of people.


Izza Genini, France/Morocco, 1988, 27 min

Led by cheikhate, nomadic musicians, the aïta converts cries into melodies, songs into calls, embodying love and hope through anguish, remembrance, and transcendence. At the Moulay Abdallah Moussem, near Casablanca's southern outskirts, Moroccan diva Fatna Bent El Hocine and her ensemble Oulad Aguida warmly welcome countless passionate riders and dedicated aïta enthusiasts.


The Citron, Fruit of Splendor

Izza Genini, France/Morocco, 1998, 30 min

Deep in the valley of the Moroccan Anti Atlas, the fruit of the citron tree is cultivated by Amazigh farmers, following the rules of perfection demanded by the Divine Law of the Hebrews. 

For questions and information, please contact: 

Habiba Boumlik at & Lucy McNair at

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